Name: Kerr,Samuel Gordon

Age: 29

Date of Birth:

Service No: 3189527

Rank: Sergeant

Regiment: King's Own Scottish Borderers

Battalion: 5th Battalion

Date of Death: January 21st,1945

Place of Death: West of Waldfeucht (Germany)

Genealogy: Son of Samuel G. and Margaret Kerr,of Moniaive,                 Dumfriesshire.

Grave No: F.4

Burial Location: Commonwealth War Cemetery Sittard

Personal Information: On January 21st,1945,one troop of                              Sherman Tanks moved up but was knocked                          out by 88mm SP Guns,the Anti-Tank                              Platoon  managed to move two 6 Pounder                          Guns to the west of Waldfeucht (Germany).

                      The heavy shelling continued and two                            Tiger Tanks lumbered out of the mist                            towards the guns.

                      Captain Hunter and Sergeant Kerr held                          their fire and their nerve and hit both                        of the Tiger Tanks.

                      Sergeant Kerr died of his wounds in the                        Regimental Aid Post in Waldfeucht                              (Germany) the same day.